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Keep Your Kids Healthy At School


Winter is upon us, and one thing you can count on is your kids will be exposed to a variety of illnesses at school, both viral and bacterial. It can be particularly frustrating when a child picks up a bug at school and shares it with the rest of the family. What can you do to keep your children healthy at school during the winter months? The following tips can help.

Put Them To Bed Early

Getting enough sleep has been shown to lessen the frequency of colds. Kids are growing and need more sleep than adults, so they should go to bed early for a better chance of fighting off viruses. For young children, this typically means no later than 8 p.m.

Get Them To Wash Their Hands Often

Remind your children to wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap. Washing with plain soap and water is more effective than using hand sanitizer. Forego antibacterial soap in favor of regular soap that is gentle, and be sure to use it with warm water.

Give Them Vitamin D During The Winter Months

Vitamin D is an antioxidant that may help prevent colds or lessen their severity. The sun is not as intense during the winter months, and children tend to spend more time indoors. This is the time to supplement with vitamin D to help strengthen their immune systems.

Try To Keep Them Physically Active

Kids tend to slow down when the weather is too cold for outdoor sports and activities. Encourage them to take up an indoor sport, such as basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, or indoor flag football. Exercise has many health benefits, including boosting the immune system.

Dress Them Appropriately For The Weather

To stay warm in the winter, kids should wear several layers of light, loose-fitting clothing under a heavy jacket, along with mittens or gloves, a hat, scarf, and waterproof boots, particularly when they are playing in the snow. Although colds and flu are caused by viruses – not by being outside in the cold – it is still essential to keep your children warm.

Give Them A Daily Probiotic

In a recent study published in the Cochrane Library, researchers found that taking probiotics can help prevent upper respiratory tract infections in people of all ages and shorten their duration when they occur. Researchers also found that probiotics may reduce the use of antibiotics and cold-related absences from school.

Limit Sugar Consumption

Sugar and refined carbs can increase inflammation in the body, and inflammation is associated with worsened health. Try to avoid giving excess sweets to help keep your kids healthier at school during the winter.

Make Sure You Have The Right Health Insurance

Your children need regular checkups, and if they come down with something more serious than minor sniffles, they may need to see a doctor. Having the right health insurance can make it possible to get your child in to see your family pediatrician whenever the need arises. Our friendly agent will be happy to assist you with your family’s health insurance needs.

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